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10 Points to Help Choose the Right Company to Write a Press Release


If you’re a business owner, the chances are you’ll need a press release writing at some point. So how do you choose the right company to write it for you? There are lots of PR companies, marketing businesses and freelancers who offer this service. With so much choice, what should you look for when engaging someone to do it for you?

These 10-points will hopefully help your choice become a bit easier.

  1. Ask For Recommendations. Someone you know will have had a press release written at some point or will know someone who can do it. Word of mouth recommendations are the best type there is. 
  2. Get Several Quotes. Just as you would with any service, don’t settle on one quote.  Ask for a full-breakdown of what the quotes include. Is it just to write the press release or is submission included? Is the company or individual charging for meetings? When you have like-for-like quotes you can start making your choice.
  3. Ask To See Previous Press Releases. Seeing a provider’s previous work is a must. Have they written about your industry before? Do you like their style? Where have they had work published? These are all pertinent questions to ask before signing the contract.
  4. What Links Do They Have With Editors And Journalists? There’s no point writing a press release if no-one will publish it. Your provider must have established relationships with editors and journalists. If they don’t, it’s much harder for your press release to get into the publications you want them to. Ask them who they know and what relationships they have with the press.
  5. Has Anything Happened As a Result Of Any Press Releases They Have Written? Well-written press releases often lead to other things happening. The paper or magazine it’s been sent to may decide to offer you an interview or write a feature on you after receiving your press release.  Occasionally, the national press may pick up on it, particularly if it’s posted online somewhere.
  6. Will You Get Regular Updates On Where And When Your Press Release Has Been Published? This is really important. There’s no point having press releases sent off to loads of press outlets and not knowing who’s printed them. You need to ask if your provider will follow up with the publications to see if they’ve printed your story, and get you copies if possible.
  7. Are Photos Included? Many press release providers include photos in their prices. Getting a good quality photo to accompany your release is vital. If photos aren’t included, ask them if they know someone who can take one for you or find a good commercial photographer yourself. Try to avoid taking shots on a smartphone if you can as they’re rarely of the quality needed.
  8. Do They Have An Online Press Room? Press releases play a big part in content marketing. Good press release providers should have an online press room with at least one of the major press release sites. Most are free and work well with social media and can be as effective as getting the release in print.
  9. Are They Easy To Contact? You need to engage a company or freelancer you can get in touch with whenever you need to. Sometimes, you might need to add another aspect to your story or make a last minute amendment. If you can’t phone or email them easily, this may lead to problems.
  10. Don’t Just Choose Based On Price! This is the most important thing to take away from this blog. Too often, price is seen as the most important factor when making a business decision. If the price seems too cheap, it probably is and the chances are it won’t include many of the points above. Your ideal provider is one who gives you a value-for-money service and your press release gets the results you want.

Getting good news stories into the local, national and industry press should be a major part of marketing strategy. Doing it right will mean great results for your business and give you a bank of articles and news cuttings you can show to prospective clients and suppliers. When you need to get a press release written, use these 10-points to make sure you choose the right provider for you.

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